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‘Parizaad’ sparks funny memes as fans compare TV character with PM Imran

Hum TV drama ParIzaad has won hearts of millions of people with its powerful story and performances.

Ahmed Ali Akbar plays the lead role of Parizaad while Ushna Shah and Yumna Zaidi also essay important roles in the popular serial which tells the story of a poor man who is mocked for his dark skin.

When in latest episodes Parizaad saw a remarkable turnaround in his fortunes, Pakistani social media was flooded with some funny memes drawing comparsion between Parizaad and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Some people think ParIzaad gave more jobs in the drama than PM Imran gave as prime minister of the country.

Others think ParIzaad is the only man who became rich during PM Imran’s government.

Here are some memes:

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