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Poonam Pandey decides to break her marriage to Sam Bombay, says ‘in the hotel room she made me like animals

Poonam Pandey was recently married to film producer Sam Bombay. Last week, Poonam Pandey and Sam went to Goa to celebrate the Bombay honeymoon.

After a few days in Goa, Poonam Pandey accused Sam Bombay of assaulting him and Sam was immediately arrested by the Goa Police in this case.

According to the latest reports, Sam Bombay has got bail but Poonam Pandey has decided to separate from him.

Poonam Pandey has opened her tongue about her marriage for the first time and has told that she has suffered a lot in this relationship.

In a conversation with the Times of India, he has mentioned that Sam did with him in Goa. Poonam Pandey has told that a quarrel started between Sam and him over something.

Poonam Pandey said, ‘He had choke me and I was about to die. He punched me in the face, grabbed my hair and tried to pull me and hit my head on the corner of the bed. He hit me with a knee.

Somehow I came out of the room. The staff of the hotel immediately called the police and they took him. I had filed a complaint against him.

Poonam Pandey decides to break the marriage Poonam Pandey has decided to break her marriage. He says, ‘This time I am not going to go to him again. I don’t think it’s smart idea to go back to the person who kills you like an animal. ‘

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