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Priyanka Chopra approves of Queen Rania’s views about Prophet Mohammad after killing of teacher in France

Priyanka Chopra‏ was among thousands of people who approved of Jordan’s Queen Rania’s statement about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The Queen, while taking to Instagram, wrote “In his lifetime, the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was subjected to endless harassment and mockery. Yet he never wavered. No insult could ever infringe upon his legacy of tolerance, patience, and peace, which lives on in all those who continue to follow his loving example”.

Prominent among those who liked the Queen’s post was Priyanka Chopra, famous Indian actress and the wife of American singer Nick Joanas.

Queen Rania’s Instagram post was in the backdrop of the recent beheading of a teacher in France.

The teacher was killed for showing the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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