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RIP Johnny Hardwick: Dale Gribble “King of the Hill” Passes Away

Johnny Hardwick, renowned for his portrayal of Dale Gribble on the beloved series “King of the Hill,” has passed away.

According to information provided by law enforcement sources to TMZ, authorities were summoned to Johnny Hardwick’s residence in Texas on Tuesday for a welfare check. Upon arrival, they tragically discovered his lifeless body. Regrettably, Johnny Hardwick was pronounced deceased at the scene, with no indications of any foul play. The exact cause of his passing has yet to be determined.

Johnny Hardwick embarked on his entertainment journey by venturing into stand-up comedy in Texas in 1990. His persistence led to a significant milestone when he made his inaugural stand-up appearance on “The Jon Stewart Show” a few years later.

For many, Johnny Hardwick remains indelibly etched in memory due to his exceptional contributions to the enduring animated sitcom, “King of the Hill.” His portrayal of Dale, the eccentric and conspiracy theory-driven friend of the show’s central character, Hank Hill, left an enduring mark.

Dale’s character ambitiously embraced a multitude of roles, from an exterminator to a camp counselor, bounty hunter, and, notably, a propane salesman.

Johnny Hardwick lent his distinctive voice to a remarkable 258 episodes of the series. To provide context, “King of the Hill” amassed a total of 259 episodes throughout its run.

Johnny’s association with the show traces back to its inception, as he brought Dale to life in the debut episode that aired in January 1997. He remained committed to the series until its poignant conclusion in 2010. While his participation in the series’ revival was confirmed, the extent of his involvement in recording for it remains unclear.

Beyond his television role, Johnny Hardwick showcased his versatile talents on his YouTube channel. Wearing Dale’s signature orange hat and shades, he skillfully covered songs, channeling the essence of his character from the show. His performances even playfully incorporated references to Dale’s comedic “pocket sand” attack maneuver.

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