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Riz Ahmed’s Pakistani origin uncle dies of COVID-19 in UK

London: British actor Riz Ahmed on Wednesday said his uncle died after contracting coronavirus.

Taking to Instagram, the Emmy Award winner wrote a heartfelt note to pay tribute to his uncle Shakeel.

Ahmed said his uncle, who was born in India, had migrated to Pakistan during partition, before moving to England.

The actor and rapper also shared a picture and a couple of videos of his diseased uncle.

Here is what he wrote on Instagram regarding his loss:

Heartbroken to say that my uncle Shakeel passed away this weekend due to Covid-19. He was a legend in his community who will be missed by so many. A charismatic storyteller, he could strike up a conversation with anyone and soon have them in tears of one kind or another – either laughing from his unique turn of phrase, or meditating on his spiritual insights. His journey was the journey of my people – born in India, then moved to Pakistan, then England. He was an immigrant, then a teddy-boy in silk shirts and medallions, then a banker, and finally a devoted spiritual guide who went out of his way for others. He fought on til the end, outliving multiple terminal diagnoses for years, and finally passing away while prostrating (in sajda) for dawn (fajr) prayers in the hospital prayer room. It was a fittingly poetic end for a man who had lyrics for days, and whose faith gave him and so many others such strength. Here he is on his 60th birthday with his twin brother Javed. ⁣

When this is over, we must ensure that our losses have not been in vain. We must help to build a more just and caring society. As he said – “may all your dreams come true. And when they do, hope you don’t mind sharing.” Please keep your elders safe, and please donate to help build that fairer future now. Links in Story. ⁣

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