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Romania lauded for doing ‘the best thing’ that could have happened for Andrew Tate’s children

Andrew Tate said his children have not been allowed to meet him during the custody in Romania.

A Romanian court on Monday upheld the detention of divisive internet personality Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan, rejecting an appeal from their lawyers.

The brothers have been in police custody since Dec. 29 as prosecutors investigate them and two Romanian women for suspected human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women. They have denied the accusations.

The controversial former kickboxer has kept his personal life largely under wraps. However, Andrew recently made a bold claim that he has fathered ten children, and that they all love him deeply.

When he protested against the authorities for not allowing his children to meet him, social media users seemed to support the Romanian courts and police.

The support was voiced mainly because of the kind of allegations Andrew Tate has been facing.

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