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Roxana Nemes, Andreea Tonciu caught in a scandal in Bravo

Andreea Tonciu and Roxana Nemeş were simply unable to refrain from indulging in the latest scandal in Bravo, a Romanian fashion reality show where the girls have to show up with a good outfit.

Andreea Tonciu and Roxana Nemeș were the main character of the scandal of great proportions. The disputed started by the due does not seem to end soon.

Nemeș is said to have provoked Tonciu, and the brunette, volcanic in nature, could not refrain and made a fuss, ending up being asked to leave the set.

Story is that the singer appeared on the show with a T-shirt with “Tonciu is the most valuable” written on it.

When she noticed what was written on the singer’s shirt, the former TV assistant started provoking her in her characteristic style.

 Tonciu reaction landed her in trouble and she was asked to leave the plateau but she expressed her anger before making her way out.

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