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Saeeda Imtiaz hits back at moral police over criticism on bikini video

Pakistani actress Saeeda Imtiaz hit back at people who tried to moral police her over her swimming video where she is seen wearing red bikini while swimming in the pool.

Saeeda, who portrays Jemima Khan in the upcoming movie Kaptaan, was quick to respond when “Showbiz and News”, a Twitter account with thousands of followers tried to link her video to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s controversial remarks about “rape and vulgarity”.

“Is it Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Was @ImranKhanPTI ‘s statement correct about Vulgarity and Obscenity? Famous Pakistani actress and film-star @SaeedaImtiaz just shared her bold photo and swimming video on her @instagram” read the caption of the saida’s video.

Replying to the tweet, the actress hit back, saying, “Kindly go read what Jemima Khan had to say about it !!! HUM sub key baari Par ” Mein karon tou saala Character dheela hay?” What nonsense!!! Everything is done behind CLOSED DOORS in pakistan! I’m NOT a Hypocrite!! Lower your gaze !!”.

She then went on to share a couple of old pictures of Imran Khan where the former cricket hero is seen hanging out with his female foreign friends.

Scores of social media users voiced support for the actress and condemned the elements involved in her character assassination.

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