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‘Satanist’ Marina Abramovic’s video of ‘Spirit Cooking’ divides Ukraine’s supporters in US

Marina Abramović said she has been asked by President Volodymyr Zelensky to become Ukraine’s ambassador, a decision which has drawn strong criticism.

‌The 76-year-old Serbian artist revealed in an interview that the Ukrainian president, a former acto, had asked him for her help in rebuilding schools in his country.

The president has been slammed by people who accused Marina of being a Satanist, an allegations she has denied many times.

Multiple clips of the artist has been shared online, with social media users in US criticizing Biden administration for fighting on the “side of devil”.

A video of her performance from 2011 has caught attention of millions of people featuring Marina Abramovic, actor Will Ferrel Beyonce and other celebrities.

Picture and videos of her intense and macabre performances have been used to claim that not only does she worship Satan but she is also a paedophile.

Millions of people have seen the pictures from her art performances which people said are creepy.

Mariana, however, has allegations regarding her involvement in Satanism.

She said that her work revolves around spiritually.

Months before the Serbian art super star was criticized over her art performances, Lotta Volkova, a native of Novosibirsk, was blamed for a controversial Balenciaga photoshoot featuring children. Volkova was also accused of being a Satanist and a paedophile after the scandal gripped Balenciaga.

A large number of people believe that art created by these two Eastern European women is Satanic, paedophilic and beloved by a cabal of people ruling the world.

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