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‘Spider-Man saved’

‘Spider-Man saved’

Fans have been wondering since reports emerged that Spider-Man is leaving MCU after split between Sony Pictures and Disney

Disney,which owns the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Sony Pictures have decided to go their own ways after differences between them emerged on share of money that the superhero helps them earn.

The fans of Spider-Man were left shattered by the reports and they have since been wondering if Disney and Sony can reach an agreement so that superhero will keep appearing in Marvel movies.

Latest rumors suggest Sony is now hoping to resume talks with MCU. Some people in the industry say Sony and Disney are working on a deal to “save Spiderman”.

Meanwhile, Tom Holland who essays the role of Spider-Man and Robert Downey Jr aka Iron man reunited for a hike amid reports of Spiderman leaving the MCU.

Both the actors posted funny pictures together on Instagram.

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