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STAR PLUS drama sparks outrage in India over Bhabi, Devar relationship

Thousands of Indians on Friday called for the boycott of STAR PLUS channel over controversial story of its drama titled “Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin”.

Fans recorded their protest on Twitter under the hashtag #SHAMEONSTARPLUS.

Most of them were offended that the TV channel was violating the sanctity of the Eastern values by showing explicit relationship between ‘Devar and Bhabi’.

Others demanded actress Ayesha Singh, who plays a key role, quit the show over the controversial story.

Here are some reactions:

Pakistan has also seen such online protests when a drama showed two sisters revealing they slept with each other’s husbands on their wedding night due to their resemblance between their men.

The drama had sparked famous ‘Shiza and Fiza’ trend and memes on social media.

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