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Sushant was taking drugs, Shraddha Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan tell NCB

After the drug angle came to the fore in the case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, now Sushant’s name is getting involved in it. The situation is that Sushant is now facing more questions than Riya Chakraborty and her brother Shovik. Perhaps this is the reason why the family of the deceased actor is not satisfied with the NCB’s investigation and they are asking questions about it. After Riya Chakraborty, on Saturday, Sara Ali Khan and Shraddha Kapoor also told the NCB that Sushant was taking drugs.

Sara confesses her relationship with Sushant
According to ABP News, Sara Ali Khan confessed in the NCB interrogation that in 2018, she was in a relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput. According to Sara, the affair started during the shooting of ‘Kedarnath’.

Sara said that during the shooting of the film, she had gone to stay with him at Sushant’s Capri House. She also said that she and Sushant had gone to Samui Island in Thailand for five days.

He denied taking drugs himself
Sara confessed that Sushant was taking drugs during the shooting of ‘Kedarnath’. She also admitted to participating in parties with Sushant. However, she said she had never used drugs herself. Now that Sushant had started taking drugs during the shooting of the film Kedarnath, it was not yet clear whether he was taking drugs.

Shraddha said – Sushant was seen taking drugs in a vanity van
Shraddha Kapoor, an NCB interrogator, said that she had seen Sushant taking drugs in a van during the shooting of the film ‘Chhichore’. Shraddha also said that she had gone to Sushant’s farmhouse on the banks of Pavana Lake for the success party of the film. Shraddha told the NCB that he had used drugs at the party, but had never used drugs himself.

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