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Tati won’t reconcile with Covergirl ambassador James Charles

Are Tati Westbrook and Covergirl ambassador James Charles still friends? No, They are not.

For those who got the feeling the pair would reconcile, Tati has posted a 43-minute video on Youtube, making it clear she can no longer be friends with the 21-year old Vlogger.

We know they were good friends until James promoted Sleep Vitamins by SugarBear Hair on his Instagram.

The move came as a shock to Tati who is the founder of a competing beauty brand “Halo Beauty”.

She had used her social media to let her fans know how she felt, without naming Charles. She burst into tears while recording her message.

The reaction prompted James Charles to tender an apology for what he had done. Taking to Instagram, he explained what exactly had forced him to betray his best friend.

He said he had taken no money for endorsement and simply forgot to think of Tati’s beauty company.

Tati, however, is not convinced and unwilling to let go. In a latest Youtube video, she laid bare details of the dispute that seems to have brought their friendship to an end.

Since then her fans have posted thousands of tweets, voicing support for Tati and mocking Charles. Many of them were convinced Tati has justed destroyed James’ career.

There are reports that James has lost thousands of subscribers since May 7.

Folks think his dispute with Tati is also one of the reason behind his declining popularity.

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