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Terrifying Video Shows Megan Fox Slammed into Barrier as Machine Gun Kelly Faces Attack at Fair

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Encounter Scary Incident at Orange County Fair

On Thursday night, Megan Fox and her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, faced a frightening incident at the Orange County Fair when a passer-by attempted to attack the singer.

Videos captured the couple disembarking from a ride when they were approached by a man seemingly looking to harm MGK. Luckily, one of his bodyguards swiftly intervened, slamming the alleged attacker into a barricade. Amid the commotion, Fox found herself caught in the middle before MGK pulled her away to safety. Although visibly shaken, the pair managed to walk away from the situation.

This incident occurred amidst reports that Fox and MGK are now back on the right track after several months of struggles in their relationship. According to a source from US Weekly, they have made progress in therapy and are once again actively planning their wedding.

The couple got engaged in January 2022, but faced challenges just a year later, including a significant argument over Super Bowl weekend. Fox had initially planned to attend MGK’s performance at the Sports Illustrated party but changed her mind and flew out instead. Their relationship was described as volatile during that time, and wedding planning was put on hold as they worked through their issues.

Though there were earlier suggestions of infidelity, Fox later retracted those claims, emphasizing that the love between them was genuine. She also defended Sophie Lloyd, Kelly’s guitarist, who had been implicated in the rumored strife.

As Fox and MGK navigate the complexities of their relationship, their recent encounter at the Orange County Fair serves as a reminder of the challenges they face amidst their journey together.

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