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‘Top Gun: Maverick’: Tom Cruise starts following ‘Iron Man’, ‘Superman’ actors on Instagram

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has done one of the most daring stunts of his career: getting the audience to go to the movies for something other than superheroes.

The sequel to the 1986 blockbuster, which has Tom Cruise reprise his most iconic role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, made an estimated $156 million domestically for its four-day opening weekend.

The actor took to social media to thank his fans for the overwhelming response.

Meanwhile, Tom has seen an increase in Instagram followers after Top Gun sequel’s released.

The acto had reached 6.8 million followers till Ma 31,2022.

Interestingly the actor is following back only 53 people, prominent among those are two Hollywood stars known for their roles in Marvel and DC superhero movies.

Tom Cruise is following “Iron Man” actor Robert Downey Jr and Henry Cavill, who played Iron Man and Superman respectively.

Cavill also appeared as a villain in Tom Cruise starrer “Mission Impossible:Fall Out”.

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