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Uzma Khan agrees to settlement with Malik Riaz family

Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan have reached an out of court deal with the family of Malik Riaz, a tweet sent out by one of the lawyers hired by the actress suggested on Monday.

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Khadija Siddiqui who was representing the duo along with Hassan Khan Niazi, said “We are disassociating from UzmaKhan case. I understand the reasons of any settlement by two aggrieved women in a rigged system,my conscience doesn’t allow me to be part of any of that,even in a professional capacity. Struggle against lawlessness continues.”

Khadija’s tweet was also liked by actress Mahira Khan among many other people.

Last week, a video of Uzma Khan and her sister being attacked by a group of women went viral on the internet, with the actress accusing the property tycoon’s relative of subjecting her to torture.

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