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Watch: Cardi B’s Fiery Response to Disrespectful Fan at Concert

During a recent Cardi B concert, an incident caught the attention of the internet community. While the rapper was in the middle of an energetic performance, a disrespectful fan threw liquid from a cup at her, which surprised her. In response, Cardi B retaliated by throwing her microphone back at the person while shouting at them. The incident was captured in a viral video that was later shared on her Twitter account.

It’s not uncommon for artists to face objects thrown at them during performances, but what stood out in this case was Cardi B’s reaction. Unlike most artists who might walk offstage in protest, she chose to respond directly to the incident.

Unfortunately, similar scenarios have been happening more frequently in recent times. Bebe Rexha was hurt by a thrown cell phone during one of her concerts, and country singer Kelsea Ballerini was hit in the eye by a fan’s thrown bracelet. Even artists like Drake and Lil Nas X experienced incidents where objects, like a phone and sex toys, respectively, were thrown at them during their shows.

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