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What did Alice Cooper say about LGBTQ community?

Vampyre Cosmetics cancelled it’s partnership with Alice Cooper, real name Vincent Damon Furnier, over his controversial remarks LGBTQIA+ community.

In an interview with music website Stereogum, he said, “I find it wrong when you’ve got a 6-year-old kid who has no idea. He just wants to play, and you’re confusing him telling him, ‘Yeah, you’re a boy, but you could be a girl if you want to be,.”

Johnny Depp’s bandmate said, “I mean, if you identify as a tree … I’m going, ‘Come on! What are we in, a Kurt Vonnegut novel?’ It’s so absurd, that it’s gone now to the point of absurdity.”

“A guy can walk into a woman’s bathroom at any time and just say, ‘I just feel like I’m a woman today’ and have the time of his life in there,” Cooper said. “He’s just taking advantage of that situation … Somebody’s going to get raped.”

“I’m understanding that there are cases of transgender, but I’m afraid that it’s also a fad, and I’m afraid there’s a lot of people claiming to be this just because they want to be that,” the singer said.

Below is the company’s reaction to his remarks:

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