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Who is Arooj Aftab?

Pakistani singer Arooj Aftab has been nominated for Grammy Awards 2021.

The Grammy Awards are voted on by the Recording Academy’s voting membership body of around 12,000 music makers, who represent all genres and creative disciplines, including recording artists, songwriters, producers, mixers, and engineers.

Who’s Arooj Aftab?

Arooj Aftab was born in Saudi Arabia and started her music career as a cover artist in Lahore when she returned with her parents. Her cover of Amir Zaki’s “Mera Pyar” went viral
on the internet when she was only 18.

Arooj now 37 is graduate of America’s Berklee College of Music. She has released 300 albums until now.

She was fond of classical music, Qawali and Ghazl from childhood. Her friends and family all were impressed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and had a collection of the ace musician .

When Abida Parveen went to New York in 2010 to perform at Sufi Festivalnshe knocked her hotel door. Abida invited her in and both started singing together after the Pakistani legend recognized her from her viral videos.

When she asked for an advice, Abida Parveen told Arooj to keep listening to her albums.

Arooj says she Is immensly impressed by Urdu poetry.

She recently came to limelight when former US president Barack Obama released a list of his favorite songs which also featured Aroog’s “Muhabbat”.

When asked why doesn’t she take part in Coke Studio, she said she is not a fan of soda because Coca Cola has mistreated farmers in India and Pakistan.

“I don’t support them”. She, however, acknowledges Coke Studio’s role in promotion of music in Pakistan. She thinks that males dominate the Coke Studio’s setup which is run
through power.

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