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Who is Hasan Minhaj and why is he supporting Kashmiris?

New York: American comedian Hasan Minhaj has raised concern over human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir.

Fans have commended him for voicing support for people of Kashmir who are facing a security clamp down by Indian forces for over a week after Indian government deprived the Muslim majority region of its autonomy.

In his remarks that he made during his latest appearance on TV on August 15 he said: ” Its Independence Day which means India is celebrating 72 years of Independence from British rule.

I can’t help but think. When I think about independence and autonomy, I can’t help but think about the people of Kashmir and every thing that is going on with section 370 (a constitutional provision which granted Kashmiris special status and that was revoked by India recently).

I really think on this independence day, we should think about the people of Kashmir. The eight plus million people that live there.

There’s been a communication blackout,so just imagine parents not being able to get in touch with their kids.

Families don’t even know if they are okay. Its really really terrifying. And I am scared because I think that things are only gonna get worse. And we are seeing an erosion of autonomy”.

Fans have applauded him for speaking up against the Indian atrocities at a time when Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra chose to take sides.

Who is Hasan Minhaj?

Minhaj comes from an Indian Muslim family originally from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh.

His parents, Najme and Seema migrated to Davis, California, where Minhaj was born and raised.

He is best known for being a correspondent on “The Daily Show”.

He has alos appeared on HBO’s “Getting on” and Comedy Central’s”@midnight.”

The 33-year-old comedian has been fierce critic of Donald Trump.

He has frequently called out trump on immigration issues and his travel ban. Hasan Minhaj has called Trump “white ISIS” and a “racist cheeto”.

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