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Who is Hunter Biden’s new wife Melissa Cohen and why she called Trump ‘evil orange goon’?

Hunter Biden’s new wife Melissa Cohen

Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden has tied the knot with Melissa Cohen just a month after split with his brother’s widow Hallie Biden.

The South African beauty is making headlines not only for marrying the son of former Vice President of the United States but also for calling the current President “evil orange goon” in 2017.

She is second wife of Hunter Biden who married her after what Page Six called a 10 day whirlwind romance.

Melissa Cohen is an animal rights activist who also uses her social media to highlight issues related to mental health.

Anger by President Donald Trump’s decision to revoke a ban on the import of elephant trophies, she had called out the 45th President of the United States in a Facebook post in November 2017.

“This evil orange goon seems to be doing his absolute best to destroying everything pure, right and natural… We will resist you,” she wrote while alluding to a report about the Trump administration decision to reverse the ban on epelphant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Melissa Cohen was previously married to an entrepreneur Jason Lanver based in Los Angeles who filed for divorce in April 2014.

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