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Who is ‘Ye hamari car hai’ meme girl?

Twitter was flooded with memes on Saturday when users created a viral video and shared the clips with hashtag #pawrihorahihai.

A social media influencer seen in the video was mocked for her Urdu language accent.

The short clap shows the Tiktoker saying, “Ye hamari car hai, Aur ye hum hai, Aur ye hamari party ho rahi hai”.

While enjoying the memes, many people wondered about the identity of the viral girl and her reaction over the memes that mocked her.

The girl has been identified as Dananeer Mobin, a popular Instagram influencer and TikToker.

In a video message Danan asked people to post their videos under #pawrihorahahai.

Commenting on the reaction her video has received, It’s crazy how i’m a meme now?? but thanks for all the love on this absurdly random video of mine ‘Yeh main hun, yeh maeri video haai, aur main aik meme banngayi hun.” 

The Instagram influence is also a popular YouTuber who shares beauty tips on the video sharing app.

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