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Who’s Usman Zafar Cheema?

The lavish house show in HUM TV drama ParIzaad belongs to Usman Zafar Cheema.

Cheema was initially unwilling to allow the production team to use his house when he was informed that the residence would be shown as a property of a gangster.

Cheema is a son of Pakistan army veteran who was part of 1965 and 1971 wars.

He remain a prisoner of war for two years in Agra jail after getting seriously injured.

Usman Zafar is a real estate tycoon and has made himself a great fortune with his hard work.

He allowed the shooting only after he reassured that the house would ultimately fall in the hands of Paarizad.

According to a report in Reviewit.com, the house is worth 60 crores. The report said all the cars and Range Rovers that were used in the house also belonged to Usman Zafar Cheema. Build in 2018, the house is located in Gulbergs Green Islamabad. The total area of the house is 10 kanals. The build up area of the house is big but it has only 14 rooms, it has many lounges and corridors. The owner said that now people come and pay visit to his house after the drama. He said that there is Map guide video to his house on YouTube.

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