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Zeba Bakhtiar steers clear of controversies

Zeba Bakhtia is a Pakistani actress who has also worked in Bollywood with the likes of Rishi Kapoor.

She married Adnan Sami Khan aka Major Adnan Sami-as Pakistani Twitter users call-him in the early 90s.

The couple partied ways a few years after they tied the knot. They have a son together. Adnan Sami Khan left Pakistan in early 2000s and acquired Indian citizens in 2015.

Zeba Bakhtiar is the daughter of former attorney general Yahya Bakhtiar. Her father comes from an ethnic Pashtun family from Quetta, while her mother is Hungarian.

Adnan finds flaws in everything Pakistani ever since he was granted Indian citizenship. He has never missed any opportunity to attack Pakistan and its people.

A large number of people still think that Adnan Sami Khan’s criticism of his fatherland is driven by his need to prove his unflinching loyalty to India.

Every time relations become tense between India and Pakistan, Adnan Sami is seen bashing Pakistan for one reason or another.

He had become subject of thousands of hilarious memes in February after dramatic escalation of hostilities between Pakistan and India which saw both the countries engage in aerial fights.

Pakistan brought down an Indian aircraft and captured its pilot only to release him the next day.

Adan Sami sparked outrage with his tweets commending Indian Air Force for violating Pakistan’s airspace.

Major Adnan Sami hashtag became Twitter trend as users in the Islamic Republic jokingly called him undercover Pakistani agent.

As tensions soared between Pakistan and Indian post August 5 Indian decision to deprive Kashmir of its autonomy Adnan Sami once against became involved in Twitter fights.

Seeing Adnan Sami’s no-hold-barred attacks on Pakistan, many in India thought he has no ties with anyone in his former country.

It is not completely true. His former wife Zeba Bakhtiar and son Azan Khan are settled in Pakistan.

Unlike his father, Azan Khan is true Pakistani and loves his country. In a recent BBC interview the musician said it was his father’s decision to settle in India and he respects it.

“I haven’t spent much time with my father and as his son, I have no right to question his choices,” he told an Entertainment website after his father supported Indian move.

. “Pakistan is my home, I’ve grown up here and my mother and grandfathers are very patriotic,” he said, adding that he wants to stay and work in Pakistan.

While Azan Khan has cleared his position, Zeba Bakhtiar, who is known as a taciturn showbiz celebrity, has always steered clear of the controversies. She is admired by her millions of Pakistani and Indian fans alike.

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