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5G tower, coronavirus instill fear across US, UK as conspiracy theories spread

Authorities in the US and UK were fearing attacks on 5G towers after conspiracy theorists claimed a link between coronavirus and the technology.

Multiple mobile tower fires being investigated in the UK, with officials warning people against carrying out any arson attacks on the infrastructure on the bases of conspiracy theories.

Authorities in the US also expressed concern over the spread of the false claims on social media about the link between 5G and COVID-19.

UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said on Twitter “there is absolutely no credible evidence” of a link, while trade body Mobile UK said such rumours and conspiracy theories were “concerning”.

As the people circulated rumors on social media regarding the link between the coronavirus and 5G mobile technology, many people were found asking about “ways to protect from “5G radiation”.

5G tower locations were being monitored by officials in US to avert any untoward incidence.

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