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Abid Malhi, prime suspect in Motorway rape case, arrested

Lahore: Abid Malhi, the prime suspect in Motorway rape case, has been arrested, said Punjab Police IG Inam Ghani on Monday, days after the incident sent shock waves throughout Pakistan.

The incident saw a woman being gang raped in front of her two children after her car ran out of fuel on Motorway near Lahore last month.

“Today by the grace of Allah Almighty and due to the tireless efforts of the officers of Punjab Police, we were able to arrest Abid Malhi, the rapist,” the IG said on Twitter.

He added, “We were able to fulfil the promise we made with the victim, our sisters, citizens of Pakistan and the media.”

According to TV reports, the suspect was arrested from Faisalabad by the CIA wing of the Punjab Police.

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