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Andrew Tate shown old statement about moving to Romania as he slams ‘communist country’

Andrew Tate has been called out for his hypocrisy for criticizing what he said lack of justice in Romania.

Taking to Twitter, Andrew Tate wrote, “Romania is a communist country. Zero evidence and zero proof only suspicions.They will lock you in jail,And try to find you guilty of things.They will then waste your life as they fail.Release you years later and not even apologize.”

Multiple people shared screenshots of his statement where he had shared the reason behind his decision to move to Romania.

Meanwhile, Tate reiterated that there’s no justice in Romania after a judge described the “particular dangerousness” of internet personality and his brother Tristan in terms of their ability to target women.

According to BBC, the judge also pointed to what he called their “capacity and effort to exercise permanent psychological control over the victims… including by resorting to constant acts of violence”.

The comments came in a written statement from the main court in Bucharest, in which the judge laid out his reasons for extending the brothers’ detention last week.

Andre Tate and his brother are being held in custody for an extra 30 days, until 27 February, while police investigate allegations of rape and human trafficking. Both deny the charges.

They are being held along with two Romanian women closely associated with them.

Investigators allege that in early 2021, the four constituted an organised criminal group, set up to “recruit.. shelter and transport victims…in order to obtain large sums of money by forcing victims to perform pornographic events” distributed on websites such as TikTok and Only Fans.

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