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Antony Blinkin left embarrassed by Twitter community note over Imran Khan’s removal

Islamabad: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was left embarrassed after one of his recent tweets accompanied a “Readers added context”.

Thousands of Pakistanis, who support former prime minister Imran Khan, praised Twitter, now called X under Elon Musk, for providing correct information.

Imran Khan, who is currently imprisoned, has blamed the US for his ouster. He said his rivals colluded with the US government to remove him from office in April 2022, a claim Biden administration denies.

When Secretary Blinkin recently congratulated Pakistan’s interim prime minister for assuming office and assured Islamabad of Washington’s support, Twitter’s community note said it was the Mr Blinkin’s government that encouraged Khan’s removal from office.

More than one million people have seen Blinkin’s tweet with a community note.

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