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Arise News report that PM Imran tested positive for coronavirus is incorrect

Arise News, a UK based news channel, became a hashtag trend in Pakistan after it claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan has tested positive for coronavirus.

The news was dismissed by government officials in Pakistan. The news came around the time the Pakistani leader had just concluded a press briefing.

Screenshot of Arise News screen

A video circulating on social media shows the Arise News’ screen in which a ticker reads that “Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan tests positive for coronavirus”.

The video left supporters of the former Pakistan cricket hero worrying about his health as it came just hours after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he has tested positive for the COVID-19.

Shahbaz Gill, a senior ruling party leader and a former government spokesman, said on Twitter that the news channel ran the incorrect news. He said the Pakistani leader was healthy and had just held a media briefing.

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