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Kamran Shahid deletes video featuring Arshad Sharif’s body with clear signs of torture

Lahore: Anchor Kamran Shahid on Wednesday revealed that journalist Arshad Sharif was brutally tortured before being shot dead in Kenya.

On his Dunya News show, Shahid also showed horrifying pictures of Arshad Sharif’s body that had clear signs of torture.

His show was based on the post mortem report of Sharif.

Kamran Shahid was criticized for airing the gory pictures of Arshad Sharif’s body.

Hours later, the anchor said he, “deleted video of my show that shows the pics of the hands of late Arshad Sharif.”

He said the aim of airing the pictures was to pressurize the government to tell the truth about his brutal murder.

Meanwhile, some journalists known for their political affiliation has expressed their reservation on how Kamran Shahid got his hands on the autopsy report of Arshad Sharif.

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