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Ashir Azeem of ‘Dhuwan’ fame receives backlash for asking army to kill Imran Khan’s supporters

Islamabad: Former Pakistani actor Ashir Azeem is under fire for asking the Pakistan army to launch a strong crackdown against Imran Khan’s party.

Ashir Azeem, best known for his role in iconic PTV drama “Dhuwan”, said the army and General Bajwa can’t afford to lose control on the movement being led by Khan.

While opposing the army’s meddling in politics, he went on to say that the army should control the PTI even if it has to kill 5,000 people.

The Canadian-based former Pakistani bureaucrat said that if the army loses control, the consequences of its failure would lead to the mass killing of people.

Ashir Azeem’s remarks have elicited strong reaction from Imran Khan’s supporters.

The PTI workers are demanding the Canadian government to take action against Ashir Azeem for his incendiary remarks.

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