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Ayaz Amir lauded for speech to Imran Khan’s face

Islamabad: Senior journalist Ayaz Amir’s speech to Imran Khan’s face has gone viral on social media.

Speaking at the PTI’s Regime Change seminar, the political analyst criticized Imran Khan for giving army chief an extension.

He told Khan that he had handed over Pakiatan to property dealers and failed to fullfil people’s expectations.

During his speech, Ayaz Amir advised Imran Khan to avoid blaming the US for hia removal since he knows who was behind it.

The journalist from Chakwal also informed Imran Khan that Usman Buzdar was responsible for destroying Punjab’s scenic areas by allowing three more cement factories.

Senior journalist Cyril Almeida said that Ayaz Amir’s speech was extraordinary because no other party would allow himself to be subjected to what Ayaz Amir did.

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