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Azam Swati’s video not shared on public domain

Islamabad: PTI Senator Azam Swati said an indecent video of him was sent on his wife’s WhatsApp by an unknown number.

Addressing a press conference, he said his wife sent the video to her daughter without seeing it, who told that “There is no other woman in the alleged video but you and Papa (Azam Swati).”

The Senator broke down in tears during the press conference which elicited strong reaction from Imran Khan, PTI leadership and party workers.

PPP Senator Mustafa Khokar also condemned the treatment meted out to Azam Swati and demanded for an inquiry.

Meanwhile, journalists Hamid Mir and Gharidah Farooqi received backlash for saying that the video was fake.

Mir went on to claim that the video was present on dark web, which is incorrect.

The video is not available on public domain so far.

Meanwhile, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said Azam Swati’s video is fake:

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