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Ban Chughtai Lab trends on Twitter after patient suffers kidney failure in Lahore

Lahore: Twitter users in Pakistan on Monday demanded government ‘ban ChughtaiLab’ and launch an inquiry after a patient reportedly suffered kidney failure over wrong transfusion of blood at a private hospital in Lahore.

According to reports circulating on social media, a patient Kiran suffered kidney failure due to wrong blood group transfusion.

While sharing pictures of the patient’s blood test reports from two different labs, a user wrote, “BanChughtaiLab Chugtai Lab reported the Blood type of Patient Kiran AB+,which is incorrect, her actual Blood type is B+.But incompetent doctors of Surgimed Hospital Lahore transfused wrong blood type AB+ that cause renal failure”.

#BanChughtailab became top Twitter trend in Pakistan after thousands of people posted tweets demanding government action over what they said ‘medical negligence’.

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