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Bonny James may lose his scholarship after cardiac arrest?

Although most of the people online didn’t know Bonny Jones was vaccinated, majority of them blamed Covid-19 vaccine for the cardiac arrest the eldest son of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James suffered recently.

“Medical staff was able to treat Bronny and take him to the hospital. He is now in stable condition and no longer in ICU,” said a statement issued by James family.

James, 18, is entering his freshman year at USC and is ranked 20th in the 2023 ESPN 100 rankings. He is the sixth-rated point guard in the class of 2023.

James was set to begin his collegiate career overseas as USC men’s basketball was preparing to leave next week for an exhibition tour in Croatia and Greece.

Whether or not Bonny James’ scholarship will be affected by his health problems depends on the specific terms of the scholarship. Some scholarships have provisions for students who experience health problems, while others do not.

If the scholarship does have provisions for health problems, Bonny James may be able to continue receiving the scholarship if he can provide documentation of his illness and how it is affecting his ability to attend school.

He may also need to provide a plan for how he will manage his health and stay on track with his studies.

If the scholarship does not have provisions for health problems, Bonny James may lose his scholarship. However, he may be able to appeal the decision if he can show that his health problems are temporary and that he will be able to return to school full-time in the future.

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