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CCTV shows ‘real story of Faisalabad incident’ after women stripped by shopkeepers

Faisalabad: A day after police arrested five suspects for stripping and assaulting women in Faisalabad, a CCTV footage of the incident has
appeared online.

The video is being circulated with Urdu language title “The real story of Faisalabad incident” which also accompanies Urdu subtitles.

According to the subtitles, at least one of the women removed her shirt (Qameez) after shopkeepers held her for trying to steal from his shop.

Reacting to the video, dozens of people demanded authorities conduct a partial inquiry to punish the culprits.

One user said, “These women should be punished as severely as men would have been if found guilty of rape. If not for cameras they would have destroyed entire lives of shopkeepers further they’re invalidating harassment & struggle faced by millions of other women in our society”.

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