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‘China’s Gilded Age’ author comes to Reema Omar’s defence

Islamabad: Yuen Yuen Ang, the US-based author of ‘China’s Gilded Age’ called out trolls for humiliating Reema Omar for her views, a day after the Pakistani jurist and activist referred to her book.

Reema was accused of justifying corruption when she, while citing Yuen’s book, wrote on Twitter, “Access money” -a kind of corruption – was a catalyst for rapid growth in China. Dr Ang calls it “steroids of capitalism.”

The debate continued for hours as both the women respectfully presented their views on Twitter. Reema became top trend in Pakistan when her critics mocked her with memes.

The Chinese author defended Reema and wrote, “Those who have used my tweet to gleefully mock @reema_omer for “humiliation” Is misleading”. She added, “Also, in my view, it is perverse to take delight in attacking someone else, verbally or otherwise.”

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