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Dajjal Twitter trend sparks conspiracy theories after Netflix releases ‘Messiah’ trailer

Dajjal became Twitter trend after Netflix released the trailer of “Messiah”

“Messiah” is played Mehdi Dehbi in the series

Karachi: As soon as Netflix released the trailer of its upcoming series Messiah, “Dajjal (Antichrist) started trending in Pakistan.

The series follows the story of a man who claims to be messiah and also has some miracle at his disposal to corroborate his statements.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), however, finds it difficult to believe the man.

Featuring Mehdi Dehbi in the lead role, the show will be aired in January 2020.

Pakistani Twitter users started discussing arrival of “Dajjal” soon after watching the trailer, with some seeing a conspiracy behind Netflix’s decision to create a series on the issue.

Some of them posted funny memes while others voiced concern as to whether “Dajjal” has arrived and the end of the word has come.

Here are some Twitter reactions:

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