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Direct flight between Pakistan and Azerbaijan to operate soon

Pakistan • Azerbaijan • Direct flight • Baku • Ghulam Sarwar Khan

BAKU: A direct flight between Pakistan and Azerbaijan is due to operate soon, Pakistan’s Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said on Monday.

There are currently no direct flights between the two Muslim countries and new came as a pleasant surprise for both the people of Pakistan and Azerbaijan amid rising number of Pakistan travelling to Azerbaijan.

The Pakistani minister made the announcement during a meeting with Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Islamabad Ali Alizada.

According to a press release, both sides agreed on developing strong relations in the field of aviation.

The minister said “Pakistan and Azerbaijan are brotherly countries. Relations between the two countries are warm, cordial, based on trust and respect.”

Ali Alizada said that Azerbaijan was keen to enhance ties with Pakistan.

Interestingly, Draft Air Services Agreement (ASA) between Pakistan and Azerbaijan was agreed in 1993.

On September 30, 2009, an MoU was agreed between Pakistan and Azerbaijan. At present there is no air link between both the countries.

Due to paucity of traffic, no airline from either state is operating. In order to establish an air-link, Turkish Airlines was allowed to operate flights from Istanbul to Lahore/Islamabad through Baku. However, Turkish Airlines is facing low yield.

Another noticeable aspect of this emerging cooperation in aviation sector is the rising number of Pakistani tourists visiting Azerbaijan.

Recent years have witnessed a growing number of Pakistanis going to Baku, the capital and commercial hub of Azerbaijan for business and leisure purposes.

This trendy city is quite affordable in terms of both living and travel-related costs and offers a sense of safety which Pakistanis find lacking in many countries – particularly Western countries.

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