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Dua Zehra’s medical report reveals she was underage when she married Zaheer

Karachi: The medical board constituted to determine the age of Dua Zehra has declared her an underage girl.

The board said in its report that Zehra’s age is “between fifteen to sixteen years, nearer to 15 years based on physical examination and dentition”.

Reacting to the media Baird’s report, journalist Omer Qureshi said, “After the medical board has determined Dua Zehra’s age to be between 15-16 years, the following are true

  1. Her parents were telling the truth
  2. The IO on the case was lying
  3. The court was misled by the police
  4. Her ‘husband’ needs to booked for child rape.

Human rights activist Jibran Nasir said that “Offences of Kidnapping, Child Marriages & Rape/Sexual Offences all are attracted to a case where girl child is under 16.”

He said that IG Sindh should take immediate action to remove current I.O. of case who has been telling media no case of Kidnapping is made and must immediate recover Dua Zehra.

Hundreds of people took to social media to demand the authorities arrest Zaheer, Dua’s husband.

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