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Ex-Indian General responds to question about ‘Muslim regiment’ that refused to fight against Pakistan

New Delhi: Syed Ata Hasnain is a pro-Modi retired Lt.General of the Indian Army who is quite active on Twitter with over 139K followers.

The former general who also commanded an Army Crops in Indian held Kashmir often shares his views about his country’s policies and its decisions
related to defense affairs.

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While the general is a known for bashing Pakistan, no amount his criticism of the Islamic Republic seems to reassure the extremist Hindu elements that his loyalties lies with India and not with Pakistan.

The only reason his loyalty is questioned by right wing political activists and extremists is that the general comes from a Muslim family as his name also suggests.

General Hasnain’s loyalty was once again questioned on Thursday even when he was eulogizing Aarti Tikoo Singh, an Indian journalist, for her speech at US Congressional hearing on Kashmir. Although the journalist was also speaking against Pakistan, her previous statements which didn’t sit well with BJP workers.

While the former general received a lot of criticism on Twitter, one Indian user went on to launch a personal attack against him, in a veiled reference to his Muslim identity.

The user asked him about reports regarding an alleged Muslim regiment in Indian army which had refused to fight against Pakistan

Although Lt Gen (retd) Ata Hasnain rejected the claim, his critics told him that he would never be able to prove his loyalty to India no matter how much he criticizes Pakistan.

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