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Fact-check: woman who visited PIMS is not Shahbaz Gill’s mother

Islamabad: More than 10 days after Shahbaz Gill’s arrest a woman appeared at the PIMS hospital and claimed that she is the mother of Imran Khan’s chief of staff.

A video clip also showed PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry consoling the crying lady who was not allowed to enter the medical facility.

The woman was also accompanied by two other women who said they are Gill’s sisters.

People close to Shahbaz Gill’s said his mother has died.

Shahbaz Gill was arrested on the charges of sedition

When the woman left the PIMs after the media talk, Haider Sherazi, an Islamabad-based journalist critical of PTI, went after her and asked whether she is really the mother of Shahbaz Gill.

The woman’s answer was in the negative. Other women accompanying her told the journalist that they were residents of Islamabad.

Meanwhile, former prime minister Imran Khan arrived at the hospital to visit Shahbaz Gill but the Islamabad Police didn’t allow him to meet his chief of staff.

Khan said he would hold a rally in Islamabad on Saturday to express solidarity with Gill.

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