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‘Fake letter’: Pakistan envoy to US did not receive reprimand for failing to facilitate Biden, Imran phone call

Islamabad: Senior Pakistani diplomat Jalil Abbas Jilani on Wednesday said a letter attributed to the Pakistan Foreign Office and addressed to the Pakistan Embassy in Washington is fake.

The letter was circulated online by the government’s critics who mocked the ruling party for what they said begging US President Joe Biden to telephone Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan expresses its concern over the inability of the Pakistan Embassy, Washington in creating an environment to facilitate diplomatic communication between the office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the President of the United States of America,” read the letter, which Jilani, who served as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US and as foreign secretary, said is fake.

He said Asad Majeed, the Pakistani envoy to Washington, is an outstanding Ambassador. “In this age of fake news, we need to check the veracity of information being circulated through social media,” he added.

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