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‘Fruit boycott’ campaign gets momentum in Ramzan

Karachi: People started boycotting fruits after prices went up with the begining of the holy month of Ramzan.

Fruit vendors were seen scuffling over prices in Karachi’s Orangi Town area on Sunday when some of the decided to sell at lower prices.

Amid rising inflation and economic crisis, people are finding it difficult to break their fast with fruit, which is traditionally a part of the evening meals.

People in Islamabad and other major cities of Pakistan have also been asked to boycott fruit vendors in order to bring the prices down.

The call for boycott was given by activist Zaffar Abbas in Karachi.

The first such call for fruit boycott was given through social media by then Samaa TV journalist Nurul Huda Shaheen a couple of years ago.

The campaign started by the Pakhtun journalist soon became a part of the mainstream media.

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