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Govt accused of giving NRO to Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav in joint session of parliament

Islamabad: Opposition lawmaker Ahsan Iqbal on Wednesday accused the government of giving Kulbhushan Jadhav NRO, a term used in Pakistan to describe concessions given to opponents in exchange for favors.

Indian media’s coverage of the bill

The Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz (PMLN) leader asked whether Indian parliament can pass such a law in favor of a Pakistani spy.

Copy of text shared by Ahsan Iqbal

Commenting on his Tweet, senior journalist Hamid Mir said Farogh Naseem, who had famously called Altaf Hussain Nelson Mandela, tabled the bill in favor of Kulbhushan Jadhav during the Joint Session of the Parliament.

“It’s beenm all done in the name of the International Court of Justice despite the fact that several countries do not acknowledge the forum”.

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