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Govt press conference on ‘Imran Khan, Malik Riaz deal’ experiences media blackout

Islamabad: There was a mediablack out of the Rana Sanaullah’s press conference on an alleged shady deal of worth millions of rupees between Malik Riaz and former prime minister Imran Khan’s previous government.

Apart from Dawn News and PTV, all major TV channels chose not to air the press conference where the minister’s made the deal public.

The deal involved millions of pounds which the Britain’s National Crime Agency handed over to the state of Pakistan after seizing it from Malik Riaz’s family members.

The money which was meant for the people of Pakistan was again returned to the property tycoon allegedly by Imran Khan government.

All major news websites also blacked out the press conference.

Here are the documents which shed light on the scandal:

Mirza Shahzad Akbar, the head of Imran Khan’s Asset Recovery Unit, responded to the allegations in a Twitter thread:

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