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Govt to create fake rain to end smog in Lahore

Lahore; Authorities in Punjab are thinking of creating artificial rain in order to overcome the smog that has been gripping Pakistan’s cultural capital for the last several days.

A plan to create the rain has been finalized with the help of Punjab University’s expert Professor Munwwar Sabir.

It has been learnt that the cost of the artificial rain would be around Rs100 million. Sabir thinks though creating artificial rain is a costly project, it would help provide relief to the population of 1.5 million people in Lahore.

Artificial rain is caused in a process called cloud seeding to overcome hot weather, drought and air pollution.

Aircraft are used to sprinkle certain chemicals on the clouds to stimulate them.

Earlier this year, The government in Dubai, created artificial rain In a bid to overcome the excessively hot weather.

The rain was caused by using drones that flew into the clouds and released an electrical charge, thus stimulating them and causing downpours.

The temperature in the desert city had lately reached 50 degrees Celcius.

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