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Hajj 2019: Over 116,000 Pakistanis reach Saudi Arabia

Hajj 2019

Islamabad: As many as 116,000 Pakistan pilgrims including 83,000 government and 33,000 private scheme have so far reached Saudi Arabia for performing the sacred religious obligation of Hajj, said spokesman of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony on Friday.

According to a whatsApp message received here from Makkah, 35,000 intending pilgrims of government scheme were still at Madina Munawwara.

A total of 176 officials and officers of ministry were serving the pilgrims in Makkah.

Hajj Medical Mission has provided medical aid to over 31,000 pilgrims while 113 patients were referred to Saudi hospitals for further treatment.
Wheel chairs had been provided to 168 patients.

416 Pakistan Muavineen and 900 local Khuddam have also been deployed in Saudia Arabia to guide pilgrims.

The monitoring teams of the ministry have completed the monitoring of 295 Hajj Group Organisars (HGOs).

Haram guides have helped over 49,000 pilgrims. The lost and found department has located over 3,400 missing bags and handed over to the pilgrims.

Call Centre has so far received 432 calls for help and registered 406 complaints.

Out of which 86 complaints were irrelevant, 255 resolved and working on 65 complaints still continues.

As many as 13 intending pilgrims including 11 government and two private scheme pilgrims have died.

They have been buried at Jannat-ul-Baqi graveyard.-APP

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