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Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah praises PM Imran for slamming West over Russia

Beirut: Chief of Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement Hassan Nasrallah has praised Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for his stance against the West.

The leader of Shia Jehadist organization referred to Khan’s public speech where he said Pakistan is not the West’s slave and it won’t take dictation.

Nasrallah praised the Pakistani premier in his televised Arabic language speech.

 Imran Khan slammed the Islamabad-based Western envoys for pressuring Pakistan to condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in the United Nationals General Assembly voting from which India, Pakistan, the UAE abstained.

Addressing a public rally, Imran Khan said Pakistan is not the West’s slave in reply to the joint letter issued by the heads of 22 diplomatic missions in which Pakistan was urged to support a resolution in the United Nations General Assembly condemning Russia. “I want to ask the European Union ambassadors: Did you write such a letter to India?” Imran Khan said.

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