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How many people attended PM Imran’s Washinton rally?

Washington: While there were many claims about the number of people who attended PM Imran Khan’s rally in Capital Arena Washington DC, there is no doubt it was the largest rally any Pakistani leader has ever addressed in US.

There were reports that the venue has the capacity for seating of 20,000 people and that the Capital Arena in Washington DC was full to capacity during Imran Khan’s address.

GulfNews reported that with 30.000 people in attendance, it was the largest rally of Pakistani expatriates.

The venue was reverberating with slogans and national songs before Imran Khan’s address.

Some attendees arrived in Washington DC by travelling thousands of kilometers.

Other foreign media reports also called it a big rally by all means. Even Imran Khan’s critics conceded that the gathering was a largest one addrssed by any Pakistan leader in the United States.

Some political commentators criticized PM Imran Khan for using the rally to attack his opponents.

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